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Case Studies

Case Study: Designer Wraps & Films’ Rebranding of Expert General Contractin

By Case Studies


This case study focuses on the comprehensive rebranding efforts of Designer Wraps & Films for Expert General Contracting, a Philadelphia-based custom deck builder. The project encompassed the development of a new logo and wrapping the company’s fleet of vehicles to reflect the updated brand identity.

Client Background

Expert General Contracting, found online at, has been a prominent player in the home renovation and contracting sector in Philadelphia. Known for their quality workmanship and customer service, the company sought to revamp their brand image to reflect their values and quality of service better.


The primary objective of the rebranding was to modernize the visual identity of Expert General Contracting, making it more appealing and relevant to contemporary customers. A key aspect of this was ensuring that the new branding was consistently applied across all company assets, focusing on their vehicle fleet.

Initial Consultation

Designer Wraps & Films began with an in-depth consultation with Expert General Contracting to understand their brand values, target audience, and vision for the rebrand. This included discussions on color schemes, design elements, and messaging.

Logo Design

The logo design process was iterative, involving several rounds of drafts and feedback. The final logo combined modern aesthetics with elements that reflect the nature of Expert General Contracting’s deck building business. The color palette was chosen for its professional yet approachable feel.

Vehicle Wrapping

After finalizing the logo, Designer Wraps & Films focused on the vehicle wraps. This process involved:

  1. Design Mockups: Creating digital mockups of the wraps, ensuring the new logo and branding elements were prominently and aesthetically placed on different types of vehicles in the fleet.
  2. Material Selection: Choosing high-quality, durable materials for the wraps to ensure longevity and resistance to weather conditions.
  3. Installation: The wraps were professionally installed on each vehicle, with attention to detail.


The rebranding was a resounding success. The new logo was well-received for its modern look and clear representation of the company’s identity. The vehicle wraps, serving as moving billboards, significantly increased brand visibility and recognition in the Philadelphia area. The cohesive branding across all platforms resulted in an uptick in customer inquiries and engagement.


The rebranding of Expert General Contracting by Designer Wraps & Films demonstrates the power of effective visual communication in transforming a company’s public image. By aligning the new branding with the company’s values and service quality, Designer Wraps & Films helped Expert General Contracting solidify its position as a leading home deck building contractor in Philadelphia.

Case Study: Designer Wraps & Films’ Rebranding of Bergy Builders

By Case Studies


Bergy Builders, a well-established construction company with customers like Aldi and TJ Maxx, sought to rejuvenate its brand image to reflect its growth and modern approach to construction. The company approached Designer Wraps & Films, a renowned creative agency known for its innovative graphic designs and vehicle wraps, for a complete rebranding solution.


  1. Develop a Fresh Brand Identity: To create a more contemporary and appealing brand image that resonates with both existing and potential clients.
  2. Enhance Visibility and Brand Awareness: Through eye-catching vehicle wraps, the aim was to turn the company’s fleet into mobile billboards, effectively reaching a wider audience.


Logo Redesign


  • Research and Conceptualization: The team researched construction industry trends, Bergy Builders’ history, and target audience preferences in-depth.
  • Design Elements: The new logo incorporated a modern, sleek font with a color palette representing professionalism, trust, and strength. A stylized ‘B’ was embodied to create brand recognition.
  • Feedback and Iteration: Preliminary designs were presented to Bergy Builders for feedback, and adjustments were made to align with their vision.

Vehicle Wrapping

Design and Execution:

  • Consistency with Branding: The vehicle wraps were designed to be consistent with the new logo and color scheme, ensuring brand uniformity.
  • High-Quality Materials: Durable, high-quality vinyl wraps were used to guarantee longevity and resilience against weather and wear.
  • Installation: A team of skilled technicians meticulously applied the wraps to Bergy Builders’ fleet, including various vehicles, from trucks and vans to a bass boat.


  1. Brand Reception: The client and their audience received the new logo well, projecting a more modern and dynamic image of Bergy Builders.
  2. Increased Visibility: The wrapped vehicles generated increased local visibility. This mobile advertising method improved brand recognition, with a noticeable increase in inquiries and website traffic.
  • Brand Graphics Standard Package: Bergy was presented with their own Brand Guide / Graphics Standard Booklet which shows them and anyone they’re supplying it to, the proper usage of their new brand, including fonts, Pantone colors and structure. 


Designer Wraps & Films’ rebranding of Bergy Builders successfully revitalized its image, aligning it with its current values and market position. The creative use of vehicle wraps reinforced the new branding and served as a powerful marketing tool, demonstrating the impact of cohesive and well-executed branding strategies. This case is a testament to the power of visual branding in transforming a company’s public image and reaching wider audiences through innovative marketing techniques

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