Restyling Wraps

Make Your Ride One of a Kind

Restyling wraps allow you to completely customize your vehicle, boat, or motorcycle. Full color changes, partial wraps, hood wraps, racing stripes, and personalized graphics are available for the one-of-a-kind vehicle you always wanted.

Color Change Wraps

Unlike paint, color change wraps allow you to completely change the look of your vehicle without damaging it. Plus, your customization options are virtually limitless when it comes to choosing a color, finish, foil, or style for your ride. And best of all, Designer Wraps offers exclusive finishes that no one else has to offer.

Hood Wraps

Roof wraps (hood wraps) are an inexpensive way to stylize your ride without committing to a complete change. Roof wraps allow you to customize your vehicle without the investment of customizing your entire vehicle. Best of all, roof wraps start at just $199.


Designer Wraps offers racing wraps, livery, and custom graphics for race cars, road racing, stock cars, dirt track cars, and rally cross racing.

Boat Wraps

Whether it’s a new boat or an old one that needs a makeover, Designer Wraps is your go to spot!

We offer professional designed and installed boat wraps using state-of-the-art water resistant material.

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