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Our brand new apparel site is up and ready! Finally, ordering and designing apparel with Designer Wraps is even easier.

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What’s Changed?

While designing our new apparel site, our primary goal was to make it even easier on our customers to order.

At Designer Wraps we work with a lot of incredible vendors such as Alphabroder, Holloway, and Pacific Headwear. Thanks to the new site, searching our vendors is super easy. Whether you’re looking for corporate wear, hats, or team uniforms, Designer Wraps has you covered.

Is the Process the Same?

Yup! Everything else runs the same – pick out the quantities and items you would like to order, get in contact with us, then we’ll handle the design process until you’re left smiling.

Designer Wraps first fulfilled the basics. They were on time and on budget. They did more however and added a little flair here and an accent there that truly set the truck off. The truck looks great and is an attention grabber.

Jack O’DonnellThunder Road Produce

My car wrap is my billboard I drive all over town. I chose Designer Wraps because of the high quality of the work I had seen. I use the car to do deliveries every day and park it in front of my business, customers tell me all the time how they saw my car and now know where we are located. In my opinion it’s some of the best advertising you can do.

TomCartridge World Vineland

We have received many positive comments regarding our Ford Transit Connect wrap. The franchise headquarters was so impressed with the wrap that they requested info on where we had it done. Because we are on the road so much, people think we have multiple trucks.

Don MoisoThe Pretzel Factory, Somerspoint, NJ

Online Creators

Take full control of the power our Apparel and Promotional Creators have to offer. You’ll be grinning in delight when you see just how easy it is to create stunning designs with little effort.

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