Branding Your Business: Why Custom Apparel Matters

By May 3, 2017October 6th, 2017Services

One of the most important elements of owning a business is branding and the basis of branding stems from your company logo. You put your logo on your company business cards, website, and social media, but do you ever wear your logo?

Custom apparel is a cost effective, low-risk advertising medium that allows you to get your brand facetime. Whether it is hats or embroidered t-shirts or a more polished and professional collared, button down, custom apparel allows companies to expand their marketing initiatives and increase brand recognition.

Just like mobile advertisements, custom branded apparel provides businesses the opportunity to expand their reach and access potential clients in unexpected, unique territories. According to “The Rule of 7 Touches”, it takes a consumer seven interactions with a product or service before they take action. These interactions can come from a magazine ad, a radio commercial, and now through your branded apparel. The best way to influence potential clients taking action is by targeting them through different touches. Adding custom apparel to your line up will allow for increased branding recognition and increased opportunities for consumer touches.

At Designer Wraps, we offer the best quality silk screened and embroidered apparel. All our designs are unique and tailored specifically to each company’s target clientele. Take a tour of some of our products here.

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