Soaring Gas Prices Bring New Value to Vehicle Wraps

By Wrap News

Jun 16, 2008

What would you do to get your boss to pay for your gas?

With the pain at the gas pump getting worse every day, what would you do to get your boss to help pay for your gas? Would you work an hour extra each day? Get them an latte on your way in to work?

Employees at already have the answer to that question: turn your car into a mobile billboard for your employer. The company pays a monthly stipend and covers 100% of employee fuel costs – whether personal or business related. Participating employee vehicles are wrapped with company-branded, eye-catching designs; covers all related expenses and adds extra money to employee paychecks for participating.

Enjoy the entire article from PR Web here.

Police Cars Get a Wrap Makeover

By Wrap Maintenance, Wrap News

Noblesville Ledger
May 14, 2008

The Noblesville Police Department bought nine 2008 Ford Crown Victorias for an estimated cost of $189,900. The vehicles are all black and instead of paying to produce and apply decals with the department’s insignia and “Police” on the doors on both sides, the car doors are being wrapped. The background is white, giving the cars the appearance of being black and white. That can add to the cars’ resale value and make them easier to decommission when the department is done with them.

The full article from the Noblesville Ledger is no longer available.
Note: the pictured vehicles are not associated with Noblesville PD.

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